4 Week Wines

Heritage Estates

In just four weeks you can make your own craft wine perfect for sipping in the afternoon on the patio or enjoying with dinner every night.

Heritage Estates Red Wines

Cabernet Sauvignon Style

A balanced classic Cab style wine with berry, toast and vanilla aromas and berry flavour with well integrated oak.

Heavy Oak | Medium Body | Dry

Merlot Style

A medium-bodied and dry Merlot style wine with aromas of tart strawberry and flavours of berries with light floral notes and a short clean finish.

Medium Oak | Medium Body | Dry

Pinot Noir Style

A dry and light-bodied wine with crisp acidity and very little tannin; plenty of fruit flavour with some cherry and red berry notes.

Light Oak | Medium Body | Dry

Shiraz Style

A Shiraz style with fruity aromas of ripe raspberry with floral and spice nuances; dry and full-bodied with balanced acidity and soft tannins.

Medium Oak | Full Body | Dry

Vieux Château du Roi

A traditional, unoaked French style red wine with spice and berry fruit aromas, rich berry fruit on the palate and spicy notes in the finish.

Unoaked | Full Body | Dry

Heritage Estates White Wines

California White Style

Unoaked and dry, this California style white wine is light and fruity.

Unoaked | Light Body | Dry

Chardonnay Style

A traditional style dry and lightly oaked Chardonnay with pear, apple, herbal and mineral notes and a crisp finish.

Light Oak | Medium Body | Dry

Riesling Style

A classic off-dry and medium bodied Riesling style wine with floral and ripe fruit aromas, light mineral notes and a refreshing acidity.

Unoaked | Medium Body | Dry

Sauvignon Blanc Style

A refreshing, medium-bodied, dry Sauvignon Blanc style wine with crisp, green apple flavours and pleasant herbal notes. Unoaked.

Unoaked | Medium Body | Dry

Pinot Grigio Style

A typical dry Pinot Grigio style, this wine boasts aromas of tart green apple with crisp citrus and honey flavours.

Unoaked | Light Body | Dry

Orchard Breezin’

Sip your favourite Orchard Breezin’ wine during cherished moments of “me” time, or serve it to family and friends to make every social occasion extraordinary.

Orchard Breezin’ Red Wines

Acai Raspberry Rapture

Enjoy the taste of the popular superfruit combined with the freshness of raspberries in this powerhouse red wine. A refreshing drink to serve on a nice day.

Blackberry Blast

Reward your passion for intense exotic flavours with this garnet-coloured red wine. Colourful tastes of juicy blackberries and ripe currants round out a truly flavourful experience to share with friends.

Blueberry Bliss

Experience the exciting combination of freshly picked dark fruit flavours with a delicate touch of tannins and structure. This off-dry red wine is best enjoyed chilled on a warm summer day.

Cranberry Craze

The crisp taste of fresh cranberries is harmoniously blended with the fruity, velvety richness in this sweet, plum-red wine. The robust, yet elegant, sweet berry flavours make it a perfect backyard refresher.

Pomegranate Wildberry Wave

This red wine brings together juicy and sweet flavours of wildberries and the rich and crisp notes of orchard fresh pomegranates. Combined with the rich flavours of red wine, this delicious elixir is best enjoyed chilled.

Seville Orange Sangria

Discover this popular red wine based beverage that promises to whisk you away to the sandy beaches of Spain! Its fresh and sweet juicy flavours are balanced by the bitterness of the Seville Orange. Bring out your creative side by adding your favourite chopped fruit.

Very Black Cherry

This off dry ruby red wine presents succulent flavours of fresh ripe black cherries balanced by a subtle touch of tannins. Light and fruity, this thirst quencher is a great addition to any summer festivity.

Orchard Breezin’ White Wines

Green Apple Delight

This popular, pale straw-coloured white wine is intensely flavourful, reminiscent of a freshly cut green apple. The pleasant soft acidity and luscious, fruity aroma of this crisp wine make it a great refresher for a hot summer day.

Peach Perfection

The luscious scent of ripe peaches explodes from this exceptionally crisp, flavourful white wine. Pale straw in colour, this wine is a natural addition to a lazy afternoon or an evening barbecue.

Strawberry Sensation

This light refreshing white wine offers the delightfully sweet aroma of fresh picked field strawberries blended with a rich mélange of honey, tropical fruit and floral flavours. Try it chilled for added invigorating freshness!

Tropical Lime

Fresh and zesty lime notes are perfectly balanced with the subtle flavour of coconut and citrus. One sip of this refreshing wine and you will be transported to a beach faraway!

Rockin’ Raspberry Rosé

This refreshing blush wine presents stimulating strawberry aromas framed against an uplifting off dry palate of ripe red fruit and crisp acidity.

Grand Cru

A Wine for Your Everyday Occasion

Grand Cru is the perfect choice for craft winemakers who want easy-drinking table wines that pair perfectly with every meal. Grand Cru wines are made with high quality grape juice and concentrate that require shorter fermentation times and taste delicious with little or no aging; and their affordable price tags mean craft winemakers can enjoy Grand Cru wines more often. From the first swirl to the final sip, make your everyday special with an easy-drinking Grand Cru. Or enjoy a glass or two on its own in the company of family and friends.

Grand Cru Red Wines


A fresh wine best consumed in its youth. Cherries and plums fill the nose while sweet cherry follows through to the palate, where it lingers gracefully.

Unoaked | Medium Body | Dry

Merlot Style

A smooth, rich wine, medium dark in colour, with notes of blackberry and currants. A hint of green olive in the bouquet will pleasantly surprise you.

Medium Oak | Medium Body | Dry

Pinot Noir Style

A rich red wine, hearty in nature and smooth in flavour. The soft texture and dark colour compliment the flavours of berry fruit, with a subtle raspberry undertone.

Medium Oak | Medium Body | Dry

Cabernet Sauvignon Style

Considered the noblest of all grapes, this medium-bodied red is dark in colour and aggressive in nature. A hint of violet is present in the bouquet, typical of this variety. It’s superbly enhanced with the addition of oak, and does well with age.

Medium Oak | Medium Body | Dry

Valpola Style

An intense, deep-coloured red wine boasting a velvety yet fruity flavour with a long, lingering finish. Aging will only add to the complexity of this wine.

Medium Oak | Medium Body | Dry

Vieux Château du Roi

A complex blend of varietals, this rich wine is dark in colour and high in tannin, leaving a hint of plum on the palate. Excellent aging potential.

Medium Oak | Medium Body | Dry

Sangiovese Merlot Style

Aggressive in nature, it is crisp, clean, and spicy with a subtle black pepper flavour. A perfect match with Italian food.

Medium Oak | Medium Body | Dry

Malbec Style

This rustic red wine has a soft, rich texture, silky tannins, and fills your palate with ripe plums, currants, cherries, and red berries.

Medium Oak | Medium Body | Dry

Shiraz Style

Well-balanced with lively aromas of black pepper, plums and toasted oak. A favourite dinner companion, the palate features chewy tannins that lead up to an elegant finish.

Medium Oak | Full Body | Dry

Rosso Superiore

Grand Cru White Wines


A blend of a variety of grapes, this full-flavoured wine is smooth, clean, and well balanced.

Unoaked | Light Body | Dry

Liebfraumilch Style

Fruity in aroma and clean in taste. A crisp, dry wine that’s pleasant in its youth.

Unoaked | Light Body | Dry

Pinot Blanc Style

A superb wine with a rich, light-bodied flavour and slightly herbal aroma. Subtle undertones of apple and peach round out this wine.

Unoaked | Light Body | Dry

Verdicchio Style

Herbal aromas dominate the bouquet, while flavours of lemon and pear entice the palate. The finish is crisp and clean.

Unoaked | Light Body | Dry

Riesling Style

Clean, crisp, and slightly fruity, this wine is full of flavour with an intense aroma.

Unoaked | Light Body | Dry

Zinfandel Blush Style

With just a hint of rosé, this light wine is fruity, refreshing and easy drinking. Fresh raspberries dominate the palate in this wine.

Unoaked | Light Body | Dry

Sauvignon Blanc Style

A clean, refreshing wine offering a light, fruity aroma with green, herbal flavours and a touch of mint.

Unoaked | Medium Body | Dry

Gewürztraminer Style

Extremely spicy in flavour and aroma, this wine will tantalize any palate.

Unoaked | Medium Body | Dry

Pinot Grigio Style

This wine is dry with overtones of green melon leading to a crisp, clean finish. A bouquet of honey and herbs completes the experience.

Light Oak | Medium Body | Dry

Chardonnay Style

A medium-bodied wine with crisp, green apple bouquet, and hearty flavour.

Medium Oak | Medium Body | Dry

5 Week Wines

Cru International

From Around the World to You

The International Collection by Grand Cru highlights the unique tastes of the most acclaimed wine styles of the old and new worlds. Whether you enjoy tantalizing reds or exciting whites, Cru International has the perfect international wine style for you. Craft Winemakers who expect more from an everyday wine, and want to elevate their daily meals with international wine styles, enjoy drinking Cru International.

Cru International Red Wines

Argentina Malbec Syrah Style

Malbec and Syrah are blended to create a wine with toasty aromas while fermentation on GenuWine Winery Dried Grape Skins adds hints of cherry and dark fruit to the palate.

Medium Oak | Medium Body | Dry

Australia Cabernet Sauvignon Style

Cabernet Sauvignon with the varietal’s signature nose: blackcurrants, dark chocolate, and subtle toasty notes. Fermentation on GenuWine Winery Dried Grape Skins and toasted American oak produces a meduim-bodied wine with hints of coffee and vanilla notes.

Medium Oak | Medium Body | Dry

British Columbia Pinot Noir Style

This wine has fine aromas of black cherries and fresh strawberries. The French oak produces silky tannins while subtle notes of pepper and spice round out the experience.

Medium Oak | Medium Body | Dry

Chile Cabernet Merlot Style

A robust bouquet of warm dark fruit and tobacco leads to elevated aromas of ripe blackcurrants and cherries. Layers of coffee and dark plum notes unfold to reveal a
traditional Chilean dry wine with supple tannins.

Medium Oak | Medium Body | Dry

Italy Nebbiolo Style

This classic is intense and medium-bodied. Luxurious flavours of dark plums and chocolate greet the nose, while hints of blackberries, toasted oak, and spices on the palate are enhanced by the presence of GenuWine Winery Dried Grape Skins.

Medium Oak | Medium Body | Dry

Chile Malbec Style

Complimented by warm spice notes, Malbec boasts aromas and flavours of ripe blackberry and blackcurrant. The addition of our GenuWine Winery Dried Grape Skins creates a chewy, deep, rustic red wine with intense cherry flavours and blended oak undertones.

Medium Oak | Medium Body | Dry

Italy Sangiovese Style

This powerful classic is expressive on the palate with lively cherry fruit and a brisk acidity supported by ample smooth tannins. Our GenuWine Winery Dried Grape Skins and oak shavings provide a deep and lingering finish to this garnet wine.

Medium Oak | Medium Body | Dry

Washington Merlot Style

This deep intense wine exhibits classic flavours of cassis and chocolate. Dark and rich with complex notes of blackberries, the GenuWine Winery Dried Grape Skins bring velvety tannins, enhancing the stature of this crimson wine.

Medium Oak | Medium Body | Dry

California Syrah Style

Raspberries and peppery spice blend in harmony to create an elegant flavour. Full-bodied in character, the GenuWine Winery Dried Grape Skins with an American and French oak blend deliver soft, balanced tannins and a lingering, smooth finish.

Medium Oak | Full Body | Dry

Cru International White Wines

Italy Pinot Grigio Style

The deep apple and grapefruit bouquet will entice you. Apples and citrus notes follow through to the palate and linger with a dry finish.

Unoaked | Light Body | Dry

Ontario Sauvignon Blanc Style

This medium-bodied and expressive wine presents bold herbal tones and fresh citrus flavours. Straw in colour with a refreshing grassy nose, it delights with a long and fruity finish.

Unoaked | Medium Body | Dry

South Africa Chenin Blanc Style

This graceful wine is medium-bodied with a pale straw colour. The fruity nose has hints of green apple and lemon with a subtle floral bouquet. On the palate, the wine is delightfully refreshing.

Unoaked | Medium Body | Dry

California Chardonnay Style

Captivating flavours of green apple and tropical fruit enhance an upfront floral bouquet in this medium-bodied golden wine. It will develop to reveal layers of ripe fruit and integrated oak.

Medium Oak | Medium Body | Dry

California Muscat Style

A luscious blend with flavours and aromas of peach, apricot, baked apple, and pear. This soft white wine also has a hint of tropical fruit.

Unoaked | Medium Body | Off-Dry

Germany Gewürztraminer Style

This white wine has bold tropical fruits on the palate. Our proprietary Finishing Blend Pack creates a balanced crisp wine.

Unoaked | Medium Body | Off-Dry

Germany Müller-Thurgau Style

This wine has subtle fruit notes and a mild acidity. It is medium in body with a delicate off-dry taste with a long-lasting finish that leaves you wanting more.

Unoaked | Medium Body | Off-Dry

France Rosé Style

Made in the classic French rosé style, it is light bodied and pink in colour with spiced strawberry and crisp, citrus aromas. The palate features fresh strawberry flavours with a refreshing fruity finish.

UnOaked | Medium Body | Dry

California White Zinfandel Style

This easy drinking blush wine offers fresh floral notes on the nose and the palate. It is light-bodied with pleasing berry flavours and a soft, off-dry finish.

Unoaked | Light Body | Off-Dry

6 Week Wines

Cru Select

Sophistication in Every Variety

Cru Select travels the world to bring winemakers outstanding wines from leading vineyards. These wines will become a delightful dinner companion and a real treasure for wine enthusiasts looking to complete their wine cellars. Cru Select offers a diverse collection of white and red wines from around the world. Each wine has just the right body, flavour, clarity and bouquet to satisfy even the most discerning palates.

Cru Select Red Wines

California Style Pinot Noir

Medium-bodied, this wine presents a bouquet of rich tobacco, ripe blackberries and spices. The palate is treated to a heady experience of dark cherries, a hint of oak and velvety tannins.

Light Oak | Medium Body | Dry

Italy Style Valpola

This is a classic with all the makings of a powerful medium-bodied red wine, complete with fermentation on Genuwine Winery Dried Grape Skins. The aroma in the glass is reminiscent of farm fresh cherries backed by streaks of dark chocolate and toasted oak, which ages well into a wine of award winning potential.

Medium Oak | Medium Body | Dry

Italy Style Sangiovese

Big hearted and assertive, this deep ruby red wine is blessed with expressive aromas of tobacco, ripe plums, and black cherries. The palate offers explosive notes of blackberries, prunes, and vanilla.

Medium Oak | Medium Body | Dry

France Style Merlot

This Merlot is a medium-bodied red wine with impressive aromas of farm fresh strawberries, violets, and vanilla framed with soft silky tannins. On the palate, it presents powerful notes of ripe raspberries, cherries, and dark fruit.

Medium Oak | Medium Body | Dry

Italy Style Nebbiolo

This medium-bodied dry wine has intense flavours of violet, cherries, and cocoa. Undertones of toasted oak dominate the long finish, along with dark fruit and firm acidity.

Medium Oak | Medium Body | Dry

Australia Style Cabernet Sauvignon

Australian Cabernets are typically softer and fruitier. This wine shows complex varietal fruit flavours including cherry and blackberry.

Medium Oak | Medium Body | Dry

Chile Style Cabernet Malbec Carménère

Strong notes of green pepper, dark fruit, and leather define this rich dark wine. Smooth tannins grace the palate followed by blackberries and spice.

Medium Oak | Medium Body | Dry

Australia Style Shiraz

This full-bodied red wine is deep and dark in colour with a rich bouquet of fruit and a hint of cassis. It ages gracefully into a velvety wine of pure elegance.

Heavy Oak | Medium Body | Dry

Chile Style Malbec

Aromas of crushed blackberries and vanilla follow through to a densely packed palate richly blessed with streaks of chocolate and abundant oak tones. Fermented on heavy toasted Hungarian oak shavings, the finish is dramatic and long.

Heavy Oak | Medium Body | Dry

California Cabernet Syrah Zinfandel

This full-bodied red wine bursts with bold flavours of black cherries and berries layered with toasted oak, vanilla, and rich notes of dark chocolate and coffee.

Heavy Oak | Medium Body | Dry

Italy Style Rosso Grande

An intense wine, it boasts a deep ruby-garnet colour and spicy oak aroma. Bursting with vibrant flavours of ripe berries and black cherries, Rosso Grande is a powerful wine with finesse and elegance.

Medium Oak | Full Body | Dry

Australia Style Cabernet Shiraz Merlot

The spicy flavour from Cabernet, sweet berry fruit of Shiraz, and softening effects of Merlot result in a hearty, tightly structured, and well-balanced wine. Aromas of black pepper give way to intense jammy flavours of blackberries and ends with an elegant and long finish.

Heavy Oak | Full Body | Dry

Amarone Style

Our Amarone is packed with rich raspberry, blackberry and cassis flavours. Deep, dark, and inviting, the finish is long, lingering, and full of ripe tannins.

Heavy Oak | Full Body | Dry

Cru Select White Wines

Italy Style Pinot Grigio

An exquisite balance of citrus fruit and acidity is the foundation for this popular white wine. The bouquet reveals bright citrus and green apple aromas with honeydew tones.

Unoaked | Light Body | Dry

German Style Gewürztraminer

With Finishing Blend Pack this wine delivers delicious aromas of roses, lychees, and tropical fruits, as well as the infamous spicy notes characteristic of a Gewürztraminer. Our proprietary Finishing Blend Pack, along with added elderflowers, brings out intense fruity characteristics and inviting spicy tones which complete the experience.

Unoaked | Medium Body | Off-Dry

Argentina Style Trio

A delightful blend that highlights the apricot and floral notes of Viognier, the minerality of Riesling, and the tropical aromas of Chardonnay. Fresh and balanced fruitiness complimented by hints of vanilla, this brilliant golden yellow wine has a lingering finish.

Unoaked | Medium Body | Dry

Australia Style Viognier Pinot Gris

This extremely aromatic white wine opens up with apricots and pear notes. Dry and medium-bodied, it finishes on a refreshing fruit forward note.

Unoaked | Medium Body | Dry

New Zealand Style Sauvignon Blanc

Crisp and light, with intense flavours of grapefruit peel, freshly cut grass, and an accent of light oak on the finish. The wine presents soft hues, with a slight tinge of green.

Light Oak | Medium Body | Dry

Australia Style Chardonnay

Clean, crisp, and rich in varietal character with fruit flavours abound. It is golden-hued and slightly tart while flavours of vanilla, cloves, and butterscotch tantalize the palate.

Medium Oak | Medium Body | Dry

German Style Riesling Traminer

The fresh, crisp flavours of Riesling combined with the exotic spiciness of Gewürztraminer produce a dry wine with immense character and a round, and well-balanced finish.

Unoaked | Medium Body | Dry

Italy Style Bella Bianco

Extraordinarily rich, buttery aromas and flavours are balanced by lush tropical fruit and full oak character.

Heavy Oak | Full Body | Dry

Cru Speciality Dessert Wines

With several dessert inspired flavours to choose from, you can create some truly extraordinary sweet wines for your cellar with Cru Specialty.

Black Forest Dessert Wine

Bursting with rich aromas of red and dark cherry, this full-flavoured dessert wine style also has a hint of dark chocolate fused with plum and toasted oak on the nose.

Cabernet Franc Style Dessert Wine

Your palate will be overcome with flavours of sweet and tart red berries and apricots. A lingering honey finish will have you craving more.

Coffee Dessert Wine

Typical of medium roast coffee, aromas of toffee, burnt marshmallow, and chocolate will entice you and follow through to a palate which finishes with lingering notes of vanilla.

Premium Dessert Wine

Deep ruby-red Premium Port smoulders with bold aromas and flavours of black cherries and blackberries. A perfect after-dinner delight.

Raspberry Mocha Dessert Wine

Ruby red with aromas of dark chocolate and coffee blended with ripe juicy raspberry jam. Sweet on the palate with nuances of cocoa powder and coffee balance perfectly with hints of tangy acidity from the raspberry.

Toasted Caramel Dessert Wine

Intensely creamy and pleasantly sweet, this full-bodied dessert wine combines rich caramel aroma with the robust flavours of red fruit. The buttery caramel notes give this wine a roundness and texture on the palate that is perfectly balanced with rich toasted notes on the finish.

Vidal Style Dessert Wine

This golden nectar is full of peach and tropical fruit with a perfectly balanced, honey-like sweetness.

8 Week Wines

En Primeur Winery Series

The most authentic craft winemaking experience, enabling you to craft age-worthy wines of distinction that will impress every wine connoisseur.

En Primeur Red Wines

Australia Pinot Noir

An elegant wine bursting with flavours of ripe black cherries, red berry fruits, and delicate spice notes on the palate superbly balanced with oak.

Medium Oak | Medium Body | Dry

Italy Valpola

This wine boasts of a fruit forward nose with aromas of raisins, dark cherries, and toasted oak. It showcases firm tannins on the palate embraced by concentrated notes of sweet chocolate and prunes with a dramatic finish.

Medium Oak | Medium Body | Dry

Chile Merlot

This medium-bodied wine is fermented on Genuwine Winery Dried Grape Skins and heavy toasted French oak shavings. It offers elevated succulent juicy berry flavours accentuated by delicate aroma notes of coffee and vanilla.

Medium Oak | Medium Body | Dry

Chile Malbec

Rich and luxurious, this wine has a brilliant bouquet of dark fruits with subtle hints of oak, vanilla, and spices. The palate has strong plum and berry flavours balanced by moderate tannins provided by medium toasted American oak chips.

Medium Oak | Medium Body | Dry

Spain Grenache Syrah

Gracefully blended together to create a bold wine with a nose brimming with spicy black pepper notes, dried dark fruit, earth, and a hint of tobacco. Fermented on French oak, this wine is sure to impress with its elegant finish.

Medium Oak | Medium Body | Dry

Winemaker’s Trio

The perfect blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Zinfandel. This new world style features an inviting blend of vanilla, red berries, and black cherry on the nose and it combines the sweet flavours of ripe raspberry, chocolate, and cherry on the palate.

Medium Oak | Medium Body | Dry

Australia Shiraz

Warm black fruit and berries entice the nose, while concentrated flavours or red fruit, oak, and chocolate round out the experience of this satisfying medium-bodied wine.

Heavy Oak | Medium Body | Dry

Australia Cabernet Shiraz

This medium-bodied wine features GenuWine Winery Dried Grape Skins and untoasted American oak shavings. Warm black fruit and berries entice the nose, while concentrated flavours of red fruit, oak, and chocolate round out the experience.

Heavy Oak | Medium Body | Dry

Australia Cabernet Sauvignon

This complex, full-bodied wine has an appealing aroma of plump blackberries, sweet vanilla, and fresh violets while cherries, pepper spice, and rich tannins grace the palate.

Medium Oak | Full Body | Dry

Italy Zinfandel

A bouquet of black cherries and plump dark fruit are framed by the ample aromas of tobacco and dark coffee. Fermented on GenuWine Winery Grape Skins and French oak, this full-bodied dry wine is fruit forward, yet showcases an array of spicy flavours on the finish.

Medium Oak | Full Body | Dry

Italy Rosso Grande Eccellente

This assertive wine is bold in all aspects. Fermented on un-toasted American oak, a sip will reveal a delectable bouquet of sweet ripe berries, spices, and farm cherries, and firmly structured tannins.

Medium Oak | Full Body | Dry

Italy Amarone

A spicy bouquet with black cherry, tobacco, liquorice, and coffee notes. The palate is big, round, and flavourful with delicious dark fruit, leather, cassis, and pepper notes.

Medium Oak | Full Body | Dry

Italy Amarone Classico Style

Assertively full-bodied, this classic wine features a delicate nose of black cherries, dark chocolate and well-balanced oak. Ripe dark fruit flavours are cradled by firm tannins culminating with a lengthy finish.

Medium Oak | Full Body | Dry

Italy Super Tuscan

Full-bodied and dry, this classic blend exudes aromatics of fresh raspberries supported by subtle hints of vanilla and earth. Untoasted American oak shavings add intense tannins to round out the concentrated nose of blackberries and black pepper.

Heavy Oak | Full Body | Dry

En Primeur White Wines

Italy Pinot Grigio

Deeply aromatic with ripe pear, lychee and honey on the nose, this wine lures you to take a sip. Beautifully balanced flavours of ripe juicy pear and stone fruit tantalize the palate and lead to an enduring finish.

Unoaked | Medium Body | Dry

South Africa Sauvignon Blanc

This medium-bodied wine boasts aromas of apple, lemon, and kiwi on the nose and provides hints of lemon and herbaceous flavours on the palate. Grapefruit and passion fruit notes offer a zesty finish.

Unoaked | Medium Body | Dry

Italy Viognier

Opens with a dramatic and intense floral bouquet enhanced by aromas of apricots and peach. Lush peach and honeysuckle on the palate balances a crisp acidity.

Unoaked | Medium Body | Dry

Winemaker’s Trio (White)

This Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, and Muscat blend exudes pretty floral aromas with hints of tropical fruit and lychee. The juicy pineapple, mango, peach, and lychee flavours pair well with seafood, BBQ pork, fresh salads, and spicy Pad Thai.

Unoaked | Medium Body | Dry

Chile Chardonnay

This medium-bodied aromatic Chardonnay is balanced and fresh with lively acidity. Bursting with hints of pineapple, melon and peach on the palate, this lightly oaked dry white wine has delicate hints of pear on the finish.

Light Oak | Medium Body | Dry

Germany Riesling Gewürztraminer

This Riesling Gewürztraminer blend offers apples, spice, and a hint of minerals to entice the nose. Slightly off dry with perfectly balanced acidity, flavours of citrus, floral and honey linger gracefully on the palate.

Unoaked | Medium Body | Off Dry


Kettle Brewed Beer

With our kettle brew systems, we follow European traditions and use only the finest in malt, water, hops and yeasts to brew all-natural beer – no preservatives!

Craft beers are unfiltered for a richer fuller taste.

Our bottling facility provides ample room to work and we utilize counter-pressure bottle fillers to ensure a quick and easy bottling experience.

We have all the supplies for the home brewer, from beer brewing kits to hops, grains, liquid malt extract and dry malt extract. Brew Mart is truly Your U-Brew Superstore!!

Each batch is approximately 48 liters

Blue Star Wheat Style 3.9% 618n/a

Standard Beers

Name ABV SRM IBU Price
Canadian Ale Style 5.0% 7 23 $123.00
Canadian Lager Style 5.0% 6 16 $138.00
Canadian Pilsner Style 5.0% 11 14 $138.00
Classic Lager Style 5.0% 8 24 $147.00
Coors Light Style 4.0% 5 10 $138.00
Coors Style 5.0% 5 12 $138.00
Corona Style 5.0% 5 23 $138.00
Dos Equis Style 5.0% 4 10 $147.00
Dutch Lager Style 4.7% 7 18 $147.00
Genuine Draft Style 5.0% 6 16 $143.00
India Brown 5.5% 13 27 $157.00
Kin Beach Draft 5.0% 7 12 $138.00
Labatt Blue 4.5% 5 20 $148.00
Lake Side Lager Style 6.9% 6 18 $138.00
Low Carb 4.2% 5 12 $138.00
Molson Cdn Style 5.0% 7 11 $138.00
Newcastle Style 5.5% 17 23 $158.00
Pilsner Light Style 4.0% 5 7 $138.00
Rickert’s Red Style 5.0% 13 29 $148.00
Springs Ale Style 5.0% 20 26 $148.00
Traditional Ale Style 5.0% 13 27 $148.00

Craft Beers

Name ABV SRM IBU Price
African Amber Style 4.8% 13 22 $172.00
Alaskan Amber Style 5.1% 22 18 $167.00
Arctic Red Style 5.5% 13 33 $167.00
Full Sail Amber Ale Style 5.2% 24 30 $168.00
Gaelic Ale Style 4.9% 16 27 $168.00
Indian Brown Ale Style 6.9% 32 50 $183.00
Smithwick’s Ale Style 4.8% 13 18 $168.00
St. Rogue Red Ale Style 4.8% 26 42 $168.00

Blonde/Brown Ale

Name ABV SRM IBU Price
Hazelnut Brown Nectar Style 5.7% 32 33 $184.00
Honey Blonde Ale Style 5.7% 6 20 $162.00
Honey Brown Ale Style 5.5% 15 20 $167.00
Moose Drool Ale Style 5.7% 15 30 $167.00
Warthog Cream Ale Style 4.3% 8 15 $158.00


Name ABV SRM IBU Price
Bitch Creek ESB Style 4.6% 22 43 $173.00
Crooked River ESB Style 6.2% 16 45 $173.00
Fuller’s ESB Style 5.9% 15 36 $168.00
Hobgoblin Ale Style 5.1% 12 22 $173.00
Young’s Special London Ale Style 6.0% 13 27 $178.00


Name ABV SRM IBU Price
Ale Smith IPA Style 7.6% 9 93 $202.00
Anchor Steam Style 4.9% 12 33 $157.00
Imperial IPA Rogue Style 7.8% 7 62 $192.00
Mirror Pond Ale Style 5.0% 10 40 $168.00
Sierra Nevada Style 5.5% 17 32 $173.00
English Ale
Name ABV SRM IBU Price
Bass & Co’s Pale  Ale Style 5.0% 17 32 $157.00
Yukon Gold Style 4.6% 9 33 $158.00


Name ABV SRM IBU Price
1516 Style 4.5% 7 20 $157.00
Carlsberg Elephant Style 7.1% 8 24 $162.00
Carlsberg HOF Style 5.0% 4 17 $158.00
Dortmunder 5.4% 6 22 $162.00
Foster’s Lager Style 5.5% 6 21 $157.00
Harp Lager Style 5.7% 5 27 $157.00
Heineken Lager Style 6.0% 5 25 $158.00
Pils Urquell Style 4.4% 7 40 $163.00
Stella Artois Style 4.9% 4 23 $158.00
Name ABV SRM IBU Price
Black Butte Porter Style 5.2% 29 30 $157.00
BridgePort Porter Style 5.4% 50 35 $162.00
Thirsty Trout Porter Style 6.2% 54 27 $173.00


Name ABV SRM IBU Price
Cappuccino Stout 7.2% 35 52 $170.00
Fish Tale Trout Stout Style 5.6% 56 40 $173.00
Guinness Draft Style 4.2% 40 45 $167.00
Lookout Stout Style 5.4% 37 20 $173.00
Old Jubilation Style 7.6% 25 31 $184.00

Scotch Ale

Name ABV SRM IBU Price
Barking Dog Scotch Ale Style 4.7% 14 21 $162.00
Traquair House Ale Style 7.2% 13 35 $173.00
Wee Heavy Scotch Ale Style 9.6% 28 25 $188.00


Name ABV SRM IBU Price
Ayinger Maibock Style 7.7% 8 24 $178.00
Duvel Moortgat Style 8.5% 5 30 $178.00
Fraoch Heather Ale Style 5.0% 18 23 $178.00
Jenlain Ambrée French Ale Style 6.7% 14 23 $178.00

NOTE: We are in no way affiliated with any of these breweries, nor are we privy to their recipes and/or brewing methodologies. All copyright names remain the property of their respective owners. These are clone recipes only and approximate their respective beer styles. Each batch makes approximately 48 liters.

Prices subject to change without notice.

Beer Kits

If you would like a kit made from any of our standard or craft beers, just let us know in advance and we will make it for you. Many of these kits feature local malted grains from Gambrinus and hops from various local growers. All kits are made on-site from fresh ingredients.

Beer Kits – Extract

Extract brewing is the easiest way to get into brewing your own beer.
Kits include liquid malt extracts, hops, yeast, and if needed steeping grains.
For kits with steeping grains we suggest using a grain bag.
These kits make 19 liters of beer.

Our starter equipment kits include all of the basics, plus the option of adding items to make the brew day quicker and easier. You will also need a boil kettle of at least 20-quart capacity.

Price starting at $49.95 (price subject to change)

Beer Kits – All Grain

These recipe kits include the base malt, specialty grains, hops and yeast to make your own craft beer. All-grain beer brewing gives you complete control over the final product.

In addition to the starter equipment kit, you may need a mash tun, a thermometer, grain mill, grain bag and a boil kettle that can handle full volume brews.

Useful links for brewing tips:

Brew House Beer


Modelled after the classic beer of Mexico! Light-bodied, crisp and clean. Drop in a wedge of lime and let our Cerveza take you to a white sand beach overlooking the Pacific…
Don’t forget the sunblock!

India Pale Ale

India Pale Ale was developed in England to withstand the long journey to India during colonization. Our Brewhouse India Pale Ale has a copper/golden color and medium aroma hops, with a slightly higher starting gravity and hop rates than our regular pale ale.

Munich Dark

Since the mid-19th century, this dark beer has been brewed in the Bavarian city of Munich. Our Brewhouse version is characterized by a delicate sweet maltiness, and a toasted nutty flavour.

Pale Ale

A beer with roots in the English Midlands, pale ale dates back as far as 1780. Today, it is copied worldwide. Our Brewhouse version is crisp, amber-colored and aromatic.

Pale Wheat Ale

Seasonal Release

Smooth, light-bodied and refreshing, this true-to-style Pale Wheat Ale offers distinct flavours of crisp citrus peel and finishes dry with a light spice note.


The original pilsner was brewed in the Czech Republic in 1842. Now, it is known for its generous quantities of hops. Our medium-bodied, golden pilsner is a clean, satisfying beer.

Premium Lager

Light Canadian Lager is a crisp, easy to drink beer with a lower alcohol level to bring out the freshness and aroma profile of a true to style all grain beer.

Red Ale

Stylistically positioned between a German Alt Beer and Oktoberfest, our red ale is copper red in color. It has a pronounced crisp, malty character, with delicate hop bitterness and a pleasing floral aroma. Blessed with all of these thirst quenching attributes, this beer is sure to please.


Brewed since at least 1820, stout is Ireland’s gift to beer lovers. Ours is dark and rich, with a bold roasted flavour, hint of chocolate and espresso-like finish. So smooth, you’ll enjoy having more than one.

Coolers & Ciders


Peach, Raspberry, Blackberry, and Wildberry

On the Rocks Fruit Cider

Apple, Raspberry/lime, Peach/mango, Pear, Mixed Berry, Blueberry, and Spiced Apple