Equipment & Supplies


Acid Blend 50 gm $2.50
Acid Blend 250 gm $7.00
Acid Test Kit each $15.50
Beer Yeast 7gms Coopers each $1.80
Bentonite 100 gm $2.99
Bentonite 1000 gm $9.99
Beverage line cleaner 4 oz. $6.99
Campden Tablets (sodium metabisulphite) 100 $6.00
Campden Tablets (sodium metabisulphite) 25 $1.99
Campden Tablets (sodium metabisulphite) 50 $3.75
Citric Acid 50 gm $2.95
Clearing Agent K/C 0 $1.00
Dextrose (Corn Sugar) 50 lbs $69.00
Dextrose (Corn Sugar) 1 Kg $3.50
Fermcap “S” Foam Control 30ml $9.99
Grape Tannin 25 gm $6.50
Iodophor 118 ml $10.99
Malic Acid 50 gm $3.99
Malic Acid 200 gm $9.95
Metabisulphite 250 gm $4.99
Pectic Enzyme 28 gm $2.95
Pectic Enzyme 100 gm $8.00
Rootbeer essence each $12.95
Sparkolloid 30 gm $3.99
Star San 8 oz $15.99
Star San 32 oz $35.00
Steri Clean 250 gm $4.99
Tartaric Acid 50 gm $4.99
Turbo Yeast each $10.00
Wine Conditioner 500 ml $6.95
Wine Yeast each $1.00
Yeast Nutrient 50 gm $3.95
Yeast Nutrient 250 gm $10.95


1 L plastic bottle each 1.45
341ml Amber Glass Bottles each 0.68
500ml Amber glass flip-top bottles dozen 39.95
500ML Beer PET Bottles each 0.75
E/Z Cap Bottles 1l dozen 51.95
Pet Caps each 0.10
Polyseal Caps 28mm each 0.60
Polyseal Caps 38mm each 0.75
Screw Cap 38mm white each 0.15
Wine Bottles Clear each 1.15
Wine Bottles Green each 1.15

Grains & Malts

Extract malts and malted grains for all of your beer making needs.

Malted Grains

Black Patent Malt   1 lb. $1.85
Brown Malt Bairds 1 lb. $1.85
Chocolate Malt   1 Lb. $3.13
Crystal Malt 15L   1 lb. $3.13
Crystal Malt 40L   1 lb. $3.13
Crystal Malt 60L   1 lb. $3.13
Crystal Malt 75L   1 lb. $3.13
Crystal Malt 120L   1 lb. $3.13
ESB Pale Malt Gambrinus ESB Malt 1 lb. $1.40
Honey Malt Gambrinus Honey Malt 1 lb. $1.85
Marris Otter   1 lb. $1.85
Munich Malt   1 lb. $1.75
Pale Malt 2-row Gambrinus 2-row Pale Malt 1 lb. $1.40
Pilsner Malt Gambrinus Pilsner Malt 1 lb. $1.40
Roasted Barley   1 lb. $1.85
Vienna Malt Gambrinus Vienna malt 1 lb. $1.40
Wheat Malt Gambrinus Wheat Malt 1 lb. $1.65

Extract Malts

Amber Malt “United Canadian Malt” amber malt extract 1 lb. $3.50
Glucose “United Canadian Malt” glucose 1 lb. $2.50
Pale Malt “United Canadian Malt” pale malt extract 1 lb. $3.50
Golden Light DME “Country Malt Group” 1 lb. $9.95

About all grain brewing

Malted grains are grains that can be converted from starches into sugars by the process known as “mashing”. These sugars take the place of malt extract in brewing. All-grain brewing requires some additional equipment and temperature control in the brewing process. The base malts provide the majority of the sugars and the specialty malts add flavour, body and character. All grain brewing isn’t difficult, and if you are currently an extract brewer, you may find it worth trying.

The Basics

If you’re a new beer brewer and would like a basic guide to the equipment you need and the beer brewing process check out this link. (


Airlock Econolock 3 Piece each $1.99
Auto Siphon 1/2″ each $19.95
Auto Siphon 3/8″ each $16.95
Ball Valve Spigot s/s 1/2: assembly weldless each $55.00
Beer Bottle Brush 12″ each $3.50
Bottle filler 1/2″ each $4.99
Bottle filler small each $4.99
Bottle Sulphiter each $28.95
Bottle Tree 45 each $24.95
Brass Bottle Washer each $23.00
Bulkhead fitting for thermometer each $33.50
Bung #6.5 each $2.00
Bung #8 each $2.99
Bung #11 each $4.99
Capper Beer – Brass Head Starting at $49.95
Carboy Brush 30″ each $9.95
Carboy Brush L Shaped each $15.50
Carboy Handle each $5.95
Corks Premium each $0.25
Corks Standard each $0.15
Crown Caps each $0.04
EZ Cap Washers each $0.25
Filter Pads #1 Mini Jet (3 to a pkg) each $4.50
Filter Pads #2 Mini Jet (3 to a pkg) each $4.50
Filter Pads #3 Mini Jet (3 to a pkg) each $4.50
Floating Thermometer Dairy each $11.95
Funnel Plastic 35 cm each $19.99
Glass Carboy 11.5l Clear each $29.99
Glass Carboy 19l each $32.99
Glass Carboy 23l each $35.99
Hand Capper each $22.95
Hand Corker each $29.99
Haynes Lubri-Film each $12.99
Heat Belt each $29.95
Hop Boiling Bag each $2.50
Hose Clamp 1/2″ each $4.99
Hose Clamp 5/16x7/16 each $2.99
Hydrometer Test Jar each $5.95
Mac Day Wine Labels 30 $7.00
Mac Day Wine Labels – Clear 30 $8.50
Nylon Straining Bag large each $12.99
Nylon Straining Bag small each $8.99
PET Carboy 23l each $25.00
Potassium Sorbate 30gms each $2.09
Premium Brass Bottle Washer each $23.00
Primary 10 gallon each $26.95
Spirit Alcohol Meter each $13.99
Shrink Caps pack $4.00
Siphon Hose each $0.75/ft
Siphon Rod 1/2″ – Long each $5.99
Siphon Rod 5/16″ – Long each $4.50
Siphon Tip 1/2 IN each $0.50
Spoon 28″ each $7.99
Starter Kit each $99.95
Super Jet Filter Pads 3 Pack each $5.95
Super Jet Filter Pads Loose 1 each each $1.50
T Stopper Plastic each $0.35
Tap Adapter each $6.00
Tap for Buckets each $7.99
Triple Scale Hydrometer each $12.99
Vinometer each $5.95
Wine Agitator each $27.00
Wine Bladders each $2.99
Wine Bottle Brush 19″ each $4.99
Wine Thief Premium each $9.99

New Beer Equipment

Weldless Ball Valve with hose barb, 1/2″

The problem with most weldless fittings is they are thrown together from assorted hardware. Common issues include leaking and lots of flex when you use the ball valve. These new weldless fittings feature are designed for brewing. There is no comparison to the weldless fittings of yesterday with their rock-solid feel and a solid leak free connection.

This unit is also unique in that it features 1/2″ female threads on the inside. This allows for unlimited flexibility.

Weldless kit includes a 1/2″ Full Port ball valve and a 1/2″ barb. All fittings are made from 304 type stainless steel for a lifetime of corrosion free use. Full installation directions included.

You will need to drill a 1″ hole in your kettle for installation of this weldless spigot. We recommend a Step Drill Bit for this.

Our price: $55.00


check to see if in stock, prices subject to change

Domestic hops are harvested in September, pelletized, then put into 11 pound Mylar bags with a nitrogen flush. They are then stored at temps well below freezing until we repackage them into smaller increments to sell to you. We turn over our hops very quickly and regardless of crop year they are very fresh.

Alpha Acid percentages listed are not listed due to variances in crops and suppliers from year to year.

Amarillo Gold A flowery, citrus-like aroma with medium bittering value 1 oz $2.99
Cascade A very popular U.S. variety, with a moderate bitterness level and fragrant, flowery aroma. 1 oz $2.50
Centennial Flowers & citrus most evident. A medium aroma with mid to high bittering value 1 oz $2.99
Chinook A herbal, almost smoky character when used during the last few minutes of the boil or when dry hopping. 1 oz $2.99
Citra The Citra hop is a high alpha acid hop with a strong, yet smooth floral and citrus aroma and flavor. 1 oz $2.99
Columbus This high alpha variety has a pungent aroma and clean bittering. 1 oz $
East Kent Golding The premier English aroma hop. Superb in English-style ales, and lend a unique character to fine lagers as well. 1 oz $2.50
Falconers Flight      
Fuggle Classic English aroma hop with moderate bittering value. Pleasant wood and fruit tones 1 oz $2.50
Hallertau Mild spicy flavor and aroma used in German lagers. 1 oz $2.50
Northern Brewer A strong fragrant hop ideal for steam-style beers and ales. Northern Brewer has a unique mint-like evergreen flavor 1 oz $2.50
Nugget Nugget is a great bittering hop with a heavy herbal aroma. 1 oz $2.99
Perle Very clean, almost minty bitterness and pleasant aroma. 1 oz $2.50
Saaz Saaz is the traditional noble hop for true pilsner beer. Saaz is famous for its spicy, clean bitterness. 1 oz $2.50
Simcoe Intense pine aroma adds to the fresh, youthful vigor. Dual purpose but generally considered a bittering hop. 1 oz $2.99
Sterling Herbs and spices dominate, flowers and citrus around the fringes. Moderate bittering value. 1 oz $2.99
Tettnanger The original noble hop from the Tettnang region of Germany, ideal for your finest lagers and wheat beers. 1 oz $2.50
Willamette Willamette has a fragrant spicy woody aroma. An excellent American aromatic hops for ales and lagers.    

Malt Extracts

Amber Malt “United Canadian Malt” amber malt extract 1 lb. $3.50
Glucose “United Canadian Malt” glucose 1 lb. $2.50
Pale Malt “United Canadian Malt” pale malt extract 1 lb. $3.50
Golden Light DME “Country Malt Group” 1 lb. $9.95

Cleaning & Sanitizing

Star San Sanitizer 32 oz. $35.00
Star San Sanitizer 8 oz. $15.99
Beverage Line Cleaner 4 oz. $6.99
Iodophor BTF Sanitizer 946 ml. $29.99
Iodophor BTF Sanitizer 500 ml. $19.99
Iodophor BTF Sanitizer 4 oz. $10.99
Powdered Brewery Wash 1 lb. $11.99