Brew Mart has a new name –
One Stop Brew Mart

Welcome to our new site! Brew Mart is the longest running and largest u-brew in Vernon, located in the beautiful North Okanagan. With our close proximity to some of the best grape growing regions in Canada, we cannot help but have a passion and a love for wine making.

We are proud to sell only the highest quality RJ Spagnols products, and are a provider of on-site wine-making services.

Our large, clean bottling facility uses the best in equipment and brewing/vinting techniques. We are also Vernon’s only provider of on-site kettle brewed beer. Be sure to try one of our amazing craft beer recipes.

Beer Brewing

Tired of the high price of commercial craft beer?

Looking for a brew that we can customize to your own personal tastes? Try brewing your own beer at Brew Mart. In as little as eighteen days we can make your beer. Craft beers will take longer, but are worth the wait! We offer both kettle brewed beer and Brewhouse beer kits.

With our kettle brew systems, we follow European traditions and use only the finest in malt, water, hops and yeasts to brew all-natural beer – no preservatives! All of our beer is cold-filtered and carbonated – thus ready to consume at bottling. Each batch makes approximately 46-48 litres.

Craft beers are also available “bottle-primed” and unfiltered for those of you that like to cellar your beer, and prefer the richer fuller taste.

Our bottling facility provides ample room to work and we utilize counter-pressure bottle fillers to ensure a quick and easy bottling experience. As well, we have all the supplies for the home brewer, from beer brewing kits to hops, grains, malt extract and yeasts.

Brew Mart is truly Your U-Brew Superstore

Wine Making

At Brew Mart you will experience the finest in wine making.

We offer the best products for the in-store and home wine maker. At our large, clean, automated facility you will find competitively priced wine kits and all wine making equipment. Use of our facility ensures access to the best in wine making tools and equipment.

We offer a wide range of products from value priced Heritage Estates wine kits to the unsurpassed region specific En Primeurwine kits from RJ Spagnols. Making wine is a fun and cost-effective way to enjoy a fine glass of wine with your friends and family.

Crafting wine at Brew Mart is fun and easy.

As an on-premise customer, you only need to do four things:

  • Choose a wine kit & pay for it on day one.
  • Pitch the yeast onto the “must” (grape juice).
  • Bottle the wine when it is ready.
  • Take it home!

Our staff will expertly prepare the grape juice for you to sprinkle or “pitch” the yeast on (you are legally required to do this), and then we take care of everything else until you come back to bottle it.

RJ Spagnols wine kits have won many awards in local, national, and international competitions. We are very proud to be associated with products of such high quality and proud to have been chosen as one of the top 100 Vint-on-Premise retailers in Canada. We are delighted that we are part of the RJS Academy!

What is the RJS Academy?

The RJS Craft Winemaking Academy is a network of the best and most passionate winemakers and retailers across the country.  RJS Academy stores are committed to providing exceptional products, services, and the best craft winemaking experience to consumers.
The RJS Academy collectively aims to build a sustainable and quality craft winemaking industry through standards and consistency. They provide consumers the ultimate retail and on-premise winemaking experience.

Our Price Match Guarantee to you: “We will not only match any local advertised price on RJ Spagnols products, but we will include a little something extra called service.”